All That Matters, my latest novel is available at:

My latest novel is available at:

When Sunday Smiled               Release date: NOW AVAILABLE!March 15, 2019

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Andy is a beacon to us all who have forgotten how to forgive, and his words are the perfect game plan for spiritual invincibility!
~Forward by Vince (Invincible) Papale

After his son Aaron dies in a motorcycle accident Andy finds that nothing else mattered—nothing. To get away from people and the anger he feels towards God he turns to the Appalachian Trail and survives five months in the wild. But the trail is not the story; the trail is the backdrop for what he found:

“God’s world opens up when everything you need is on your back and your only concern is the next white blaze.”

When Sunday Smiled is a true life story of a father’s journey on the Appalachian Trail as he seeks to heal his wounded heart. It is a transparent view into someone who has experienced deep loss as he tries to make sense of his world. After Andy experiences a mountain top miracle, he discovers that God has been there the entire time and people are what he needs to complete his thru-hike through life.

The author, a retired Navy psychologist spent a career helping Sailors, Soldiers, SEALs, and Marines cope with death but now is faced with his own fledgling spirituality as he deals with his guilt, depression, and anger. This insightful account is punctuated with humor as he meets a variety of hikers along the trail who he grows to depend upon. Hiking the trail is tough and living on the trail is tougher. But hiking and living on the trail with purpose provides a triumphant experience.


The Dime

A novel in editing awaiting publication.

A mother must face her past to rescue her abducted daughter. Carol isolates herself from the world when her daughter is abducted. She separated from her family years before but learns to face her past by restoring broken relationships.

Carol’s adopted daughter Becca was abducted a year ago from the family’s North Carolina beach home. A child’s partial remains are recovered, and police insist Becca is dead.

While dealing with her grief, Carol finds a mysterious dime Becca had before she disappeared. The dime’s appearance leads her to Rome and back to her past in Pennsylvania before returning home to the North Carolina Outer Banks where she confronts her daughter’s abductor.

This shy intelligent mother must fight for her daughter and herself to free themselves and regain her family.


Handbook of Grief-Profiles in courage

In working manuscript form

This fact-filled book looks at the current bereavement research applied to real world families surviving in the midst of grief. It is a work in progress.

The Great American Novel