Elmwood Ave

this week’s blog is about the neighborhood I grew up in but I know you can relate. go to: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/life-loss/2019/03/elmwood-ave/


2 thoughts on “Elmwood Ave

  1. I just saw this book and although I’m not a religious person I think I need to read it. Aaron was a co worker and a friend of mine at Hoffman Ford. We used to go turkey hunting together behind his grandfathers farm in Duncannon where I live. We lost touch after he moved to Colorado and his # always went to voice mail when I tried to call it a few times. I didn’t find out about his accident until a year or so later. He was a good kid and I liked him very much. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for your loss and I cant wait to read the book. Scott Korth


    1. Scott, Aaron talked about you often. I was so happy when you two connected. I have his turkey hunting jacket in my closet and gave his shotgun to a friend of his in CO. thank you for reaching out. I was just in the area speaking at a couple of churches. My book is not “preachy” I hope you like it.


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