WP_20140808_003Do people still know what a butterfly kiss is or am I the only one who went to Junior High? I always liked butterflies but never really saw the purpose. When we lived in Puerto Rico, San Juan had a butterfly store that was filled with colors from all continents. They lived about two weeks or more flitting about; some going for the highest branches, some clinging to the corners trying not to be noticed. They had a purpose no doubt but all I could see was a call to beauty and simplicity and bringing a smile to people’s lives. That’s purpose enough for most living things.

A year or so ago, my son’s close friends called us to say we must stop by their house before we leave – they had something special to show us. It seems they were keeping a cocoon, left over from a school project. They thought about throwing it out, it was months since it was suppose to hatch, or bloom or do what cocoons do. So they put it out in the garage and Ami told Josh to throw it out. The day after the Celebration of Life, Josh went out to get in his car and noticed something yellow moving in the corner. Seems the little butterfly chose to hatch the day before and was bouncing of the walls of its little container. When they moved him to bigger home he sat on the kids arms but they knew he belonged to the outdoors.

So Ami, Lori, the kids and I took the container outside and opened it up to let him go. It took a few minutes but he eventually got on a small stick and rested in a scrub pine. This yellow wonder wasn’t born for the scrubs. After getting his bearings the Tiger Swallow Tail took off the tallest pines in the field. First in a circle then back and forth and then coming to rest out of reach and out of sight. Lori’s voice quivered as she wished it well and hoped it will be safe.

After I finished hiking the AT I flew to Denver from Bangor where Lori was was getting her grandmother fix. I found another butterfly house so we took Jay to experience some magic. We were in time to see the daily release when butterflies of bright colors and differing sizes are set free inside a large room filed with trees and bushes. It smelled like a rain forest, we could hear the laughter of children and could see the little bugs searching for a place to call home. In a  short time they too would be swept to the side but today their only concern was stretching their wings.

On the way out, I held the door. Jay walked through then Lori but she stopped short, turned around and kissed me. Guess, after all this time, I’ve been kissed by a butterfly and never really knew it till now.

You can  see that yellow Tiger Swallow Tail flying to the highest branch on my Face Book Page.


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