Cinderella Man

ninja turtle 001A few months ago Lori rescued a baby turtle she found along the road that was destined to be road kill. After losing someone so close, God’s little creatures, be it butterflies or baby turtles take on a whole new meaning. She fussed over the little guy with purified water and new shells and leaves each day, sunshine in the morning and total darkness in the evening. She settled on “T” for “turtle” or maybe for Aaron saying, “Tonight is all we have, T” Regardless its her little guy that she’s managed to breathe new life into.
Aaron always had a way of giving the sweetest gifts. It wasn’t until the last few years that he made much money, so his gifts meant that much more. One of the last gifts to me was the DVD Cinderella Man. I knew it was a good movie about a boxer from the Bronx during the depression but I set it aside and somehow it got lost before I ever saw it. Now that Aaron is gone I felt so guilty for never benefiting from his sweet gift. A few weeks back Cinderella Man was on TV so I sat down to watch it. The boxer reminded me of Aaron,knocked down but he always got up, struggling to feed his family, too proud to beg but when it came to his kids, he did whatever he could.
He got a second chance at the title, like Aar who got a second chance at life. But before he left for the big fight he told his kids he was going to bring back “the title”. Because of his NY accent they thought he said “turtle”. -Spoiler alert-

He wins the fight and in the last scene, his kids who barely had enough to eat got 3 little pet turtles that looked just like “T”. I haven’t cried this much over a sports movie since Brian’s Song.
God has a plan and it included me losing that movie so I could gain a moment with my son.

I didn’t lose my son, I know where he’s at, but I gained a moment with God.


20 thoughts on “Cinderella Man

  1. What a cool lost and found experience with someone who you have only temporarily lost. Perhaps you may have even “found” more of that person? Keep the faith brother.

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