Well this time last year I was on the trail for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! what was I thinking? When I jump into these projects I guess I have a huge element of denial. How else can I explain thinking I could walk from Georgia to Main thinking I’d be better for it and in the process I’d actually enjoy it? Yet that’s what I did. That’s what we did.

After getting off the trail my feet peeled like birch bark in spring. I hardly recognized them. It took months to get clean. It only took weeks to get fat. I miss food a lot, I mean I miss taste. Everything tasted so good. The other day I bought a can of Peace green tea. I loved it on the trail. Back home, not so much. I had a tuna fish sandwich, the first one in almost a year. It might be another year till my next one.

There are some things that still taste good, still bring back a good memory. Like eating a “fun size” candy bar reminds me how I had to restrain from jumping a trail worker for the rest of his candy bag. Root beer floats still make me smile even though my craving for coke has subsided.

I miss most? Being on top of a mountain and feeling so close to God I thought I would touch him if I dared. A close second is the friendliness of the trail. I miss the smiles, I miss smiling. But now I slip into a soft bed and warm up the sheets. Lori is next to me, Belle on floor. I wouldn’t trade that.

I also miss writing and communicating. Guess that’s why I’m doing this. I feel like I have so much inside of me, I’m getting really anxious the more I hold it in and the more the sun turns warm. I guess I just need to put myself out there in print if I cant be out there in nature.


15 thoughts on “ONE YEAR, TWO WEEKS

  1. I have been re-living the memories of last year at this time too and wonder how we did it!?!?!? Glad to have you back for sure. I do enjoy chuckling at your writing/blog -so I am glad it’s back too.


  2. Hi Andy,
    So nice to hear from you 1 year out! It was precious to hike with you and my brother (Tiger Bob) last summer. Now in AZ, I walk out back in the desert and take a long hike each week–to favorite and new places. It keeps me sane and present to the beauty of this earth. The desert is starting to bloom! Trudy

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  3. Lori, Belle and I hiked a few the other day. I put a pack on my back with two water bottles and some Phila pretzels just to remind me what it felt like. Maine was the best. (SEE, I REALLY DO KNOW HOW TO SPELL)


  4. Write brother, write…let it bleed out of you. It’s hard to shut in things that have brought one so much pleasure. It’s like a song unsung, a prayer not prayed…must be shared to shed it’s full light.


  5. Andy, if I couldn’t write I would have a melt down. Have kept a journal since the late 70’s (boxes full) and since 2011 have sent a daily devo and note to all my close family plus a few friends. That way they know I’m alive and at it every day. lol And per the turtle blog – God gives us gifts from time to time to keep our loved ones in the picture. God gives the gifts – thank Him and blog on.


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