WP_20150826_001 WP_20150826_002 WP_20150826_003 WP_20150827_002 WP_20150827_003 WP_20150827_004 WP_20150827_006 WP_20150827_007 WP_20150827_008 WP_20150827_009 WP_20150827_010 WP_20150827_011 WP_20150827_012 WP_20150827_014 WP_20150827_015 WP_20150827_016 WP_20150827_017 WP_20150827_018 WP_20150827_019 WP_20150827_020 WP_20150828_001 WP_20150829_001After leaving the campsite I hiked a staggering 26 miles over roots and through mud. I have grown to detest mud roots and rocks in that order along the trail. It was late when I got to a shelter and asked if where were the tent sites. A young clean kid thought he saw some 4 miles up the trail. I laughed and replied he must be new at this and found a nearby site. I was able to set my tent, make dinner,and slip into my sleeping bag just as dark dropped on the valley. Again I could hear the rushing stream and knew how lucky I am but how desperate I want to be at home.
today I only had to walk 15 miles to Abol Bridge, the end of the 100 mile wilderness. I stepped onto a dusty road transverse by logging trucks and rafting trailers. I walked alone today and I drifted to a time when I hiked my first as a Stockader at Folcroft Union Church. I began singing our theme song and motto, Bright and Keen for Christ.
tomorrow I hike ten miles to the Birches at the foot of the big mountain.
I promise to add pics and details as soon as possible. I am now sitting in the corner of camp store pecking out some minimal notes on my little phone. I am more emotional, more sore, and closer to God and man then I have ever been. I still grieve, I still walk.

14 thoughts on “OUT OF THE WILDERNESS

      1. Please check out my video on you tube.com. just search for Andy Davidson thru hiking thru life. its in 3 parts and lasts about an hour. it will make you laugh and make you think. Regards, Andy


  1. The closer it gets, the slower time goes! But you are doing awesome! Can’t believe I’ll see you in a few days! What an accomplishment! β€οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ’“


  2. Sending love and prayers for the end of your journey – what any awesome thing you have experienced – thanks for sharing with all of us!


  3. Little Andy, I am sobbing with pride. Thank you for your faithful posts. They have been funny, gut wrenching, nauseating , inspirational and always impactful. I wish I could be there to see you come off the trail.


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