Like the Sirens of the Iliad or the poppies in the Wizard of Oz, the hot tub won in this fable too. So I took a shower, jumped in the pool, and slid into the hot tub twice before settling into my tent at Northern Outdoors.
Today I hiked 20 miles in route to Monson, the last resupply before the 100 mile wilderness.  I enjoyed solo climbing Pleasant Pond Mountain and Moxie Pond Mountain. Captain K, the eccentric pilot passed me today, barely slowing down to tell me he had garardia and was off the trail for 8 days. I also met up with a ridge runner I met in Virginia who was on a bus man’s holiday of sorts. I told them to let Happy Warrior know that I would be moving ahead to the next stream and found an incredible solo camping spot within earshot of the brook. Happy Warrior (emphasis on Happy) was an I/T officer. Happy, the consumant extrovert was convinced two tents would fit in my spot.  I guess he was right,  I guess. From being in the field with the Marines, I realize this is considered normal behavior.see pic below.



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