The day started innocently enough like most of the days on the trail. A gentle mist surrounded me as I made the typical fare, packed and effortlessly left the site by 615. The mist moved into rain that fell harmlessly when the wind shook the leaves. I transversed PUDS (pointless ups and downs) along a rapid shallow stream. At times like this I generally ruminate about pointless past conversations that never needed to be fixed.
Today however I fixated on what I care about. I care about the weather. Right now. Not the weather 5 days or five minutes or five counties away. I care about dry feet and when they are wet, its one less thing to care about. I dont care about spelling much, and grammar just a little more. I care about being heard and when my point is missed, I care a lot. I care about food. It tastes even better when you can’t reach into your fridge or drive around the corner to the Super. I care about my family, I care about the hiker walking towards me. I care about today. I care that I have 101 miles to go but I hope that when I get my first good view of Mt Katahdin, I will stop caring about the miles, the time, or the effort. I hope to care only about the moment.
I forded a stream holding onto a rope and hiked 17 miles before 2pm to Monson. There I can get geared up for the 100 mile wilderness. More importantly, I care about you.


9 thoughts on “CAST YOUR CARES

  1. Well giving posting another try – just said to Helmut why do I feel so proud to know you when in reality I haven’t really known you all these years! We really are praying for you . What a life altering journey you have been on-thank you for allowing us to share the funny stuff the hard times as you call them , the PUDS( which often really aren’t pointless) it’s given us pause to contemplate our own journey ! Keep pressing on keep looking up!


  2. Well try number 100! We’ll see if this posts..and since you are heading into the wilderness this might be our last chance before you reach the end… I said to Helmut this morning why do I feel so proud to know you when we really haven’t “known ” you for so many years! But we are. We really are praying for you! It’s been a privilege to have you here, to follow the funny stuff and the hard times and as you call them the PUDS( which aren’t really always pointless by the way haha!) you have given us pause to contemplate our own journeys! Thanks for sharing your life…:)
    My daughter in law ,the iron man competitor ,says don’t ever yell from the sideline ” you’re almost there! ” …so hey ! Keep pressing on and most of all keep looking up!!


    1. Please check out my video on you just search for Andy Davidson thru hiking thru life. its in 3 parts and lasts about an hour. it will make you laugh and make you think. Regards, Andy


  3. On to the end of your Journey – Wow – amazing to see the trail through your pictures and how awesome the views you have seen! Certainly see God’s creation every day – keep on going! – we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!


  4. Brother, I care about you and am so happy for you to realize your dream of thru hiking the AT with everything happening in your life you still just did it and I venture to say you have grown a heap while out there. Life is basic; food, shelter, water, family, and dry feet!

    All the best, and keep rambling brother



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