There are those days, days when the sun is shining and it feels like it was created just for you. There are days when the trail unfolds to reveal a soft mat and even it appears to be there just for you as well. Such a day was today when the world was if it surrounded me and enveloped me in a natural caccoon that sheltered me from all worry or care .  I know I have felt this happy in the past but I really don’t remember when I was so content.

After leaving trail angel Tom, Happy Warrior and I hiked for 17 miles. My pace was steady, my mind clear, and my legs strong.  I asked to have my picture taken to capture my feelings but alas it did not develop.  I erected my tent without the rain fly 10 feet from the lake’s edge, close to a waterfall, as the sun is disappearing behind the tree line. The swooning sun created a mirror on the water that echoed the colors of the sky. Earlier I heard 2 loons at a pond we circumscribed and I’m hoping for a third on this lake. I am ready for this hike to end,  but not tonight. I am sleeping under the stars and the loons are calling.

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7 thoughts on “LOONatic

  1. Ah! The grace of God…enjoy! The trail never ends…it just narrows and broadens. And I know you want to walk it wisely… so you can experience all of it’s goodness and wonders. God will keep supplying you with the shoes brother, i.e….the gospel of peace! March on!


  2. God is great! .., Thank you for reminding me. “Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these stars ” it seems like He’s reaching out to you. Could it be it’s because you are lifting your eyes to HIM??? Your photos are beautiful but it’s your thoughts that are blowing me away. Thank you for sharing so much. Enjoy your last 200.


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