A zero was just what the trail ordered. I relaxed and the day went by quickly. Today I hiked the Bigalow mountain chain. My legs felt great for the 1st time in months. The climbs were realistic, pleasurable even. I met several hikers including a young hiker who was contemplating Pastoral Counseling. We talked at length and ultimately gave him some food to carry on with his hike. After coming off the trail Tom the latest trail angel to save me picked me up and brought me back to his house for one last night. I carried a full pack which is important to me but it is nice to be back at his house. I have had several awesome angels named Tom beginning with Tom at Extreme Outfitters, my brother Tom and his son Luke who got me off the trail at the Delaware Water Gap and back again from North Carolina, and of course Tom who agreed to take me from a truck stop to trail days,  then brought me back to the trail head hours away the next day. All amazing folk.




9 thoughts on “TRAIL TOMs

  1. Hey Brother,

    I must say I am selfishly saddened that you are coming out of the woods. I make that statement understanding how seriously selfish it is but let me please explain. I enjoy reading your words, doing so with your voice in my head as if you were reading them. Your posts bring me back to your office when you were putting so much energy into saving me… putting me back together so I could go back another time in some semblance of a functioning human being. Our sessions were a refuge for me and I knew that I just had to make it another week and then we would meet again and you would extend a hand to pull me up the mountain step by step.

    Now with you in the woods I can read your words and listen to your own therapy and again become a better person through knowing you and being around your words.

    So I want you to stay in the woods, mainly so we can stay connected. We could of course stay connected through Skype when you are out of the woods…. Solutions…

    You are a good man Andy and I am a better man everyday for knowing you. As you near the end of your journey I only wish that while you are closer to God and Aaron that you feel and know how much you mean to everyone reading your words.

    Get after the final assault enjoy the last 200 miles and always remember that you are a good man and yourself and your family are forever in mine and my families heart.

    Semper Fi,


    1. E, that means so much to me. I chose the title of my blog intentionally. Its my desire to continue Thruhikingthrulife long after I leave this trail. I want to take what I have gained back to the RW, “real world”


      1. Good, more trails, more growth, more life.

        I can’t wait to get you guys down here to Australia! Hopefully we will have our farm by then and you will be close to the heart of the bush down under!

        finish strong and enjoy every step



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