Last evening a young lady came to the hostel to play her banjo and sing blue grass and folk music. Her  voice can only be described as hauntingly lyrical. The morning got off to a casual start after an amazing breakfast. I  got back on the trail and made my way to the top of Saddleback and Saddleback Junior. Along the way I found a pair of sunglasses so I attached them to my pack thinking a day hiker most likely dropped them. At the top I found the grateful owner who gave me a Snickers for the return of his prescription glasses. It gave me a chance to tell him about my glasses and tent pole stories. As I hiked to Junior I came across the musician from last night. Apparently she is botanist who is employed by the ATC as a Ridge Runner to educate people on the trail. She showed me an Artic Shrub that was brought here during the ice age.


Now I am camped in the most amazing spot by a waterfall. It is magical. I am tucked into a little gully and all I can hear is the sound of rushing water. I think it is the best spot yet. Completely alone, off the trail and  so what if its a bit canted. And so what if it rains and I become part of the waterfall? Yea, so what, it’s the best spot yet. I just wish I had someone to share it.


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