The day started in typical fashion with my knees talking to each other. This morning my left ankle weighed in on the conversation, “What about me, I have 2 screws”. I still wonder if a sudden turn or slip could end it all now that I am so close to the end. As always, everyone quieted down and I hiked past some gorgeous water. Maine is blessed with an abundance of lakes, streams and rivers and most of it isn’t laying in front of me on the trail.I hiked around a large lake that was dotted by a singular red cottage. He must have had a very good guidance counselor in high school, I thought. On the way I came across Captain Kirk who i last saw in Vermont. I realized that I am returning to seeing all of the little details on the trees and in the surrounding greens. I stop to feel the textures, to smell the forest and even stopped to pray at one point. At lunch I sat by two old canoes and then continued towards Rangeley. Below is a picture of what appears to be a moose print.  At the road I ran into another hiker who I had not seen since Pennsylvania. She was off the trail but shuttling her husband and recommended I go to the Farmhouse Hostel and even gave me a ride. I scored a private room for the cost of the bunk house and went into town to pick up some more supplies. I could have stretched out my provisions but I have decided to see the little towns of Maine and get the most out of this voyage for the last two weeks. TWO WEEKS?



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