The day started well with a hearty breakfast and a 7 o’clock shuttle to the trailhead. The path was to my liking with an  increaseingly  challenging uphill to warm up my legs and loosen up my joints. The sky was grey, and the report of a storm front proved likely as the morning moved on and so did I. It is strange indeed but lately when I slip on the trail I have felt the hand of God was on my back to catch me before I fall. I know I can still fall and likely willq but lately I have felt this so often that I am not afraid. Of course I don’t want to test God, Jesus didn’t do that in the wilderness so neither will I. I woke up sobbing this morning still wondering why God didn’t put his hand in front of Aaron’s motorcycle instead of a Chrysler minivan. Instead He put his hand under Aaron and lifted him home. I know I will have to wait for that answer.
    The gentle rain was caught by the graceful pines which kept me dry until 20 yards from a shelter when it testified. I am so thankful to be under cover with dry feet. We only hiked 6 miles, we were making great time, and I felt relatively healthy. In the shelter I met a teacher who graduated from Bucknell, a father with his 3 daughters, and 2 women from Alaska. They all seem content so I will take their lead. I am in my sleeping bag getting the rest of a zero day that I was thinking about taking anyway still feeling the hand of God.


3 thoughts on “THE HAND OF GOD

  1. I believe Andy that you are not only experiencing the Hand of God but that God has also been revealing His heart to you…along this trail…and I dare say that you are seeing a broader, grander trail beyond this one you are presently journeying. Enjoy!


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