It was nice to see the rain had cleared leaving a series of puddles in place of the trail. Half way into the hike I gave up on dodging the water in pretense of dry feet and dove in feet first. It was liberating to accept my fate, no longer living in  fear of soggy boots. Tiger Bob hiked ahead. I was told by Monk that he would be at the next camp by the creek. I pulled out my map and realized I must have dropped my glasses along the trail. “There’s a pair of glasses in the shelter”, Monk said. To my amazement they were my exact prescription. God provides, He keeps on proving it on a moment to moment basis. Tiger B moved past the campsite, I wasn’t able to catch him so I am tenting along a raging creek. Today I forded 3 deep creeks. At first I took off my shoes and wore my water socks, but in the end I plowed forward to clean the mud out of my dirty hiking shoes. I may go into Rangeley tomorrow for resupply although I still have food. The short day yesterday meant that now my resupply schedule needs to be revamped. It will work out, God provides, remember?


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