1900 !

There were still a few more mountains in the Whites to climb so we managed to  climb Mt Moriah, Hayes, and Cascade to complete 20 miles. The weather was mild, no wind, good sun, and low humidity. I told Tiger B to hike ahead in tne morning because of my stiff knees and slow joints. I was able to catch up before lunch. Today I passed the 1900 mile mark and have less than 300 before I finish my pilgrimage. Tomorrow I expect to be in Maine, the last state which should take less than 3 weeks. Amazing, simply a amazing to think I am out of the White mountain national park. It is the jewel of the A.T. I loved the challenge, the mountains, the huts and the incredible Vistas. And I love being done. Still more mountains, still more challenges ahead, and still 20150808_170651the desire to be done. I miss my wife and I miss my life, whatever it may become.
I realize that I have become something of an extrovert on the trail. I have gone from forgettable to Phantom. I am quick to start a conversation, smile and say an encouraging word to a fledgling hiker. That’s new for me. I trust strangers, I talk to young and old and I let my initial judgments evaporate like the fog amongst the pines. I still can be bitter, envious and petty but not much. I try not to waste time with guilt, doubt, all that crap that will never change. I’m not a quitter, never was so it’s time to stop thinking like one. Tomorrow I walk into Maine, that’s all I need to do, just walk.20150808_06295220150808_10395620150808_13264020150808_15201920150808_15490520150808_16453720150808_165036


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