WORK FOR STAY pictures are added

OK so here’s the deal. The White mountains have a hut system that outdoorsy people from NYC come to get back to nature and pay 150 bucks a night. So after an epic day of hiking Little Haystack (little?), Lafayette, Lincoln, and Garfield, it started to thunder. We ducked into a hut which looks like summer camp for a bowl of soup. It started to rain, then lighting, then the cook said we could have the leftovers and sleep on the floor if we worked an hour in the kitchen cleaning pots and pans. You had me at leftovers, I exclaimed, “by the way I used to work at the Anderson House, Home of Gracious Dining” Oh, they were impressed, yea they were.
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2 thoughts on “WORK FOR STAY pictures are added

  1. Hey when you get back, I can use some help getting our house painted and back in order after the rental season. What a couple of dinners maybe will do the trick?


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