It’s 130 in the morning and the rain has stopped for now but the wind persists so i am alone with my thoughts after a long day. I said I didn’t want to walk 20 miles in the Whites but that’s what I did to make up for the short mileage from yesterday’s storm. Today we disregarded the 1st signs, went the wrong way and lost time and effort. In the afternoon it began to rain with reports of hail so I set up my tent in the middle of the trail. It was the safe decision but not the right decision because the rain only lasted 1/2 hour and now my tent and my person were wet and we lost another 1/2 hour. So when we climbed Mt Jackson, in the middle of the Presidential mountain chain, it was getting late. The wind was blowing hard and while not dangerous, the temperature was dropping. It was time to be off the summit. So when we showed up at the hut, work for stay option was already taken by some other hikers. I dried out my tent, made dinner and had just enough light to set up on a wooden platform. The platform disallowed properly staking the rain fly so when it began to rain I started to worry. Yet I know I am dry, warm, and safe. My thoughts are mainly focused on the interactions of the day, my life back home, and getting through another day with enough of what I need to rise above my circumstances. When it gets light, I will again pack up my wet tent and head for mt Washington, the tallest of the Presidentials among other peaks. I hope to walk 15 and end at a reasonable time,. I don’t want to tempt fate. Already we have been pushing too
hard.  That has resulted in falling more than once, slipping often, and straining joints and ligaments to exhaustion.


4 thoughts on “JACKSON WAS ONE TOUGH PRSIDENT AND MOUNTAN pictures are added

  1. Sounds like you are in better shape than a couple of guys I know around here! Me included! Stay the course. Always follow the lead dog. (Alaskan humor).


  2. Hang in there Andy…I awake at times in a certain frame of mind that can be somewhat crippling and I’m not on a trail, much less the Appalachian Trail!You’ve done well…keep it up buddy!


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