At Mitzphah hut I ran into Funk, a guy, along with Just Greg, I first hiked with in Georgia and Tennessee. I can’t believe I caught up to him after taking two long breaks from the trail.  It was so rewarding to meet someone from my original group. He is doing shorter mileage so unfortunately he wont be hiking with us.
    TB and I started towards Mt Washington.  The fog moved in but we moved on  anyway towards the summit by way of Eisenhower, Franklin, and Monroe. The weather got worse as the temperature dropped and the mist grew stronger. MT Washington is quite the attraction complete with a cog train, ( and I walked?). After leaving the summit the weather turned to rain and brief hail. I surged forward, taking on the rock field as a challenge. Tiger Bob remarked about my speed up the next peaks of Jefferson and Madison. Davidsons are mudders, I thought to myself. Also, as time moves away from July 27, I feel my burden lessening. Grief is not just in your head, it takes over the whole body effecting the endocrine system and likely every cell. So as I shed the intense feelings with matching hormones, I am slowly getting stronger. I still fight back the tears at the summits and usually lose, but I am strengthening through your prayers.
   Wearing gloves, a rain jacket, shorts and ski cap, I knew that if I stopped I would be dead meat as the weather conditions deteriorated. We stopped at the next hut and offered our services for  work for stay. The manager was a Wake Forrest grad so Tiger, a Clemson grad did the secret S.E.C handshake and we were good to go. The weather is ripe for hypothermia so I am thrilled to be here. THRILLED. God provides. After a 20 mile day yesterday, this is great, just great.
     The trail had been a humbling experience for me. When I first started this venture,  I was motivated to get closer to God, improve as a man, but above all I was motivated to finish so I can say with pride that I am a thru hiker, something very few can say. However, I now know that if I finish, it will always be a point of humility and not of pride. I simply can’t do this without the generosity of friends, family, fellow hikers, and especially strangers. Today a total stranger gave me a lighter to light my stove, the manager gave me a dry roof and warm food, and countless others offered their encuragement. It is humbling as a child of God, a man, and a thruhiker. It is still raining as I write these thoughts with the din of dining hut guests in the background. Did I mention how thrilled I am?


6 thoughts on “MUDDER

  1. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! Can’t figure out how you have gotten this far, but it must be a God and you thing! Stay the course.


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