Restoration Day

Sunday. A day of rest, a day to restore the soul. And so after 9 miles, we called it a day, went into North Woodstock, NH to resupply and regroup. I realize that the White mountains are like no other and one mi,e in the Whites is like 2 miles anywhere else on the trail. So its time to readjust my expectations, cut my mileage to 15 miles, don’t worry about the pace and take it one day at a time. I am beginning to worry again about the road up ahead like I did when i first started this trek. Maybe its the terrain, maybe its getting colder, but regardless, I am determined to focus on today. And today I feel restored.


6 thoughts on “Restoration Day

  1. Hi, this is Trudy,Bobby’s sister. Look forward to meeting you. I am just an hr. away from Pinkham Notch. Take your time getting there. Mt. Washington is a day’s boulder climb and there are several other peaks before PNotch. Let me know if you long for or need anything. Be safe.


  2. Hi brother,

    I like your action plan! It is amazing that our lessons taught at the beginning of a journey always come back to test us in the end. Listen to the butterflies in your gut and remember to PLAN YOUR HIKE AND HIKE YOUR PLAN! Miss you heaps brother, breathtaking photos and scenery your are taking in. Be a wandering soul and when you come to Australia you and I will have to take off in the bush on some beautiful trails here! We can take the horses if that sounds better than walking….

    Stay safe and enjoy these last miles, soon you will be home and wishing you had another night in a tent, a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and another 20 miler ahead of you.

    Semper Fi,


  3. Great to meet you. Thanks for the encouragement on the hike. My body is longing for a hot bath with epson salt. Ooowee. Nice uh Sweet trail along the brook with cascades. Home easily. Love to my brother. Keep safe and spirited, both of you. Trudy


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