Well staying in an RV was a first for me along the trail and it was fun. The walk out of Hanover included what else but a climb over Moose mountain. I have climbed several Bear mountains so a different animal was a change of pace. Tiger Bob and I scurried down the path and caught up with Diesel, a college student trying to finish before returning to school by doing 30 mile days. “You guys are booking”, he exclaimed.  “For a couple of old farts,” I thought to myself.
Then it began to rain but fortunately we were nearing a shelter. The plan was to do 20 but 16 miles will suffice. Tomorrow is another day. I am feeling lighter, in a good way and just want to really enjoy New Hampshire. For me CT and VT were connecting states. Now with only NH and ME, which enjoy the best reputations, I am focused on staying in the moment. I don’t want to worry about resupply, water, temperature, or precipitation. I am blessed.
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5 thoughts on “BOOKING

  1. Go Andy gooooo! You are so close to the finish. Praying for you. You will finish with His grace.
    Can’t wait to see you and hear the stories from the trail.
    Alison and Ron


  2. I went to high school with your brother Tom. Just finished your book When Sunday Smilied. I have lost my only two children, sons as adults, within 3 years . That made this a little difficult for me to read. There is certainly a lot about grieving that is shared among grieving parents. The name for us is pangels, parents of angels. There are names assigned to survivors of spousal loss, not child loss , someone told me this one. I really can relate to certain things that I attribute to my sons letting me know they are ok . God bless you , Laurie, your children and grandchildren. I am a registered nurse by profession and found that returning to work and giving patient care helped me through the hardest of times. Can’t say I enjoyed your book, but I really did understand it


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