After a gentle rain in the early morning we managed to break camp at 630 and head out for an 18 mile day. Along the way was Qu’s Whistle Stop restaurant set in an old train station. It was there that Bee Stinger told us he couldn’t keep up with the  milage and decided to hike with 2 other hikers, Fig and Grizzly One. I understood where he was coming from but its sad to think he wont be around to lighten up the moment. He was the social butterfly that kept us connected  with the rest of the community.  Tonight we are at Governor Clemont Shelter. I think the gov would be a little bit disappointed with his shelter. Tomorrow it is on to Killington.
   I am reconciling with the fact that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my son’s death in a traffic accident. I forced myself not to cry or dwell on it today. I simply did not want to deal with it so I pushed  myself in another direction, called  my family, ordered some flowers, and now I am in bed waiting for the start of just another day.
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