2 To G

I can’t believe I am in New Hampshire! 2 states to walk through and my AT journey will come to an end. After 4 months of living life on my feet and from whats on my back I am not sure how to behave anymore. I had a good night’s sleep in my tent that was parked under the pines on a soft bed of needles. Vermont really came through with some trail magic at the end of their state. I was treated to awesome breakfast by a very generous couple who opened their home to hikers then along the way other homes set out to sodas and snacks. Now that I am Hanover, NH and I was given free pizza and a donut but best of all a couple of retired Navy Docs have opened their home to hikers so Tiger Bob and I are sharing their camper in the side yard after a much needed shower and laundry. The trail today was fairly easy , the path was soft dirt and leaves that seemed mostly down hill. I got to stop briefly at the oldest shelter on the trail. I then ended up walking the last few miles on roads. I used to not like it when the trail took me on regular roads but at this point I have to admit, an easy road is a thing of joy.



2 thoughts on “2 To G

  1. saw your lovely lady this morning and gave her a big hug. we talked of your being almost through the trail and looking forward to seeing your cute little ol’ self back on the island. : )
    God Bless!


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