Resupply day is always one of my happiest days along the trail. I find an extra gear and an extra spring in my step as I make my way to town. This town is Manchester VT and along the way I encountered another fire tower to get views of ski mountains and lakes below. Thank goodness for fire towers because I never would know what VT  looks like due to the green canopy. I climbed MT Stratton to get the aerial views. Stratton is where Benton McKay first got his vision of creating the AT about 100 years ago.

Manchester is a very hiker friendly town. My wife would describe it as, “cute, cute, cute” We were able to secure rides with a quick thumb. In fact one woman pulled over and asked us to give us a ride. The only catch was that we had to listen to one of her bawdy songs on DVD. She selected a song complete with hand gestures. What a hoot! This trail just keeps on giving.  Tonight I am in a much needed hostel. I was able to dry out my tent, get food, as well as a shower and laundry.  Tomorrow its back on the trail for another round.




  1. How did she do the hand gestures while driving? That makes me nervous.

    I have a friend that just got on the trail in Maine heading south. His name is Bo. Maybe you’ll bump into him.


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