Another good start to another good day of hiking and another long one at that. Vermont is characterized by topography that is like the frosting on a cake. You walk up one short peak after another without ever getting to a defined summit. An when you get to the top, it is a flattened affair lush with trees that deny a view. We did get to climb a fire tower at noon and got the big picture. Again I am amazed at the vast stretches of wilderness left in the East. As a nation, we are blessed.
We hiked 22 miles today so we will only have 18 tomorrow to get to Manchester for another resupply. After climbing over a fallen tree, Tiger Bob yelled, ride em coyboy. Not to be out done I jumped on the tree yelling YeeHa but promptly fell into the mud on the other side. Got thrown I said sorely as I slowly made my way to my feet. Again it rained at the end of the hike. But today it rained hard enough to fill in the mud holes with water. As we scrambled along the sides in fruitless attempts to keep our feet dry we eventually succumbed to to the muddy quagmire known as the A.T. Today was the first time I actually put my tent up in the rain,. All in all, it went well. I am dry, fed and lying in my sleeping bag, listening to the rain patter on my tent, …all is well.20150723_06364120150723_08391520150723_11392120150723_12061820150723_12440120150723_12531820150723_155737.


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