I was extra motivated to keep moving knowing that on the second night we would be near Beckett MA which meant getting off the trail and getting a ligit shower and laundry. I tend to get anxious and put it into high gear as we climbed up several beautiful peaks in lower Mass. The trails are well maintained but in the lower areas, mud and roots abound. The weather held out for us until we set up camp. I again ran into Tunes and Flapjack who provide lots of energy. Also Fig who provides lots of insights into the trail. Bee Stinger is hanging in there, certain he has Lime’s Disease but has caught it early and on meds.  After coming close to our exit, I found a sign reading welcome home pumpkin butt. While I was sure my family did not post it, just not our style, I couldn’t help mug for the camera. My sister in law and her sister out did themselves on dinner. I felt guilty eating potato salad that rivaled my mom’s recipe. They even thought to make root beer floats!

My family has been so supportive, my aunt, sister in law, sister, brother, and nephew have given me long distance rides and put me up at night. They just have no idea how that has encouraged me and energized me for the long trek. Each time I get out of their car I have mixed emotions, wanting to get on with it yet wanting to stay put in a cool house and warm bed. But alas I move on 20150717_06553820150717_07485520150717_16055120150717_16260220150718_07283720150718_11065020150718_11065820150718_110907

The sign reads welcome home bubble butt. My brother did not put this here for me
The sign reads welcome home pumpkin butt. My brother did not put this here for me

2 thoughts on “Famdamily

  1. Perhaps we should have taken credit for the sign, Andy, but you are not a pumpkin butt! Love the picture. So glad all of our plans worked out so well and it was great to see you…trail mud and all. Tell Tiger Tom it was a pleasure to meet him…he is a very nice, interesting man.

    Keep on keeping on, Andy, and keep on writing. Your commentary is heartfelt and inspirational as is your journey. It was amazing when the skies opened up into a torrential downpour just a few hours before we were to pick you up. To think that you were hiking to us in that awful weather. Amazing.


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