And Waffles had we. The next morning we hiked out of RHP shelter to a trail maintenance crews house along the trail who made waffles and coffee. The trail in NY is well maintained. The crews seemed well organized and professionally provisioned. The three GMen (grandfathers) hiked on for 19 miles to a landscape nursery that allows hikers to stay the night and use an outside shower. 1/2 mile down the road was a Deli that had a worker we had met the day before. He was with his young family of 3 children at the time. We got to answer their questions about the trail and I gave them my blog site. I always tell people to tune in to see if I make it and it also tells more about why I am out here.
Bee Stinger decided to go further so he could get into town to get a bug bite checked and to pick up a food suppliment at the Post office. So today Tiger Bob and I put in about 20 hot sweaty miles. Tiger called Bee Stinger who now thinks he may have Lymes Desease. This could take him off the trail and have serious implications so please pray for him.


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