Because of our efforts yesterday, going 22 miles, we only had to trek 10 into Salisbury CT. Salisbury is a quaint town which is code for expensive but I was greatly relieved to be resupplied and did not seem to mind the extra 10 pounds in my backpack as we climbed once again out of town. We begged rides to and from the trail and met some very nice people along the way. I am still not used to humbling myself but I manage to get help when I need it. It was a beautiful day, the humidity which dripped from the trees like rain for the past 3 days was driven out and replaced with perfect walking weather.
Bee Stinger somehow managed to catch up with us along with Fig, an experienced thru hiker. Also, we met some hikers going the other way who gave us more gouge on the White mountains in NH and the 100 mile wilderness in ME. I have not had a real shower in a very long timeaand laundry is an even more distant memory yet I am growing in confidence, speed and endurance. I have been reading about Pauls travels spreading the gospel, living on his own skills and enduring great hardships knowing that he would pay the ultimate sacrifice. What strength, courage, and conviction had he. I still find myself in weak moments but reach out to God  moment to moment. 1500 MILES AND WE ARE NOW IN MASSACHUSETTS




  1. You know, Paul was a great model for the ‘h’ word. : ) Keep on sloggin’ and bloggin’ – you have a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on!


    1. Hi Paul. I am Tiger Bob’s wife. I thank God that Bob has you and Bee Sting as hiking buddies. I feel much better knowing he is not alone. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Hope to see you soon. Becky


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