After a buggy night outside of Kent we managed to start out going the wrong way on the trail much to my doing. It happens to everyone but it’s frustrating when it is you. We hiked along some typical climbs as well as a nice path along the river which was flat for over 5 miles. I was reunited with Flap jack and Tunes the day before. Tunes had given me my trail name when I got back on the trail months before today.  It was gratifying to see how excited they were to  see me.
 Tomorrow we go into town for much needed supplies. I let myself get needlessly low and paid the price today. I simply ran out of gas. However I ate dinner, felt much better and walked  another 3 miles. We tried to make arrangements to get off the trail but to no avail. My clothes smell like amonia from burning protien. They are starting to irritate me due to the salt. I wash them in the stream at night and put them on damp in the morning. In 20 minutes they are dry and in 40 mimutes they are wet with sweat. Making stopping miserable are the mosquitoes.  As I sit here on a rock trying to peck out this memo I am constantly beating myself in a futile attempt to stay bug free. Not working. gotta go…


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