In a New York Minute

We are working our way through New York and working out how to handle each of our hiking styles. the one guy is really concerned about his calories and carries a gargantuan food bag that I call Monster in reference to the book, movie Wild. consequently he is not able to go as fast or long. but he is a great guy and we are making it work in between his food drops and calorie counting. he even counts his steps.
today we barely saw the NY skyline and we were on the highest point in new York and the lowest point on the entire trail. it was odd to pop out of the woods smack into a New York minute. The beach and barbecue abounded with music from all cultures. it was also strange to be so leary of bears in the woods to see them in captivity. I felt empathy for them and the people who will never see them in the wild. After the zoo we moved on across the Palasades bridge and back into the woods.


2 thoughts on “In a New York Minute

  1. Seems that God is right on time, as usual, to bring old friends when you need xtra motivation. U R on track, and we are inspired by the (visual/mental) images you send! God Speed!


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