Yesterday was a great day but  today was a tough one. the terrain was filled with a lot of ups and downs which left the three of us exhausted. I am finding my legs and lungs to be finally in good shape with little pain. So to be so tired is somewhat perplexing. I am really trying to be consistent and hiking with 2 good guys is helping me to do just that. the last 2 shelters have been nasty but I am liking not putting up my tent, especially in the rain. We passed through a rock formations known as the lemon squeezer in which I barely got through with my pack. lots of other rock formations to get up and over today. Physically I am strong but my spirits are weak. I am washing out my socks each night and changing into dry clothes to sleep in which have helped tremendously. While washing out my socks I soak my feet in the cold stream, another relief to my evolving appendages I am looking forward to tomorrow because we pass through a zoo which means concession stand.20150709_08260420150709_08231620150709_12013020150709_14070620150709_16190620150709_162450


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