Now hiking with 3 older Christian men, I feel very fortunate. We hike about the same pace and managed to meet up despite 2 of them taking wrong turns today. We hiked 19 miles of trails that often involved long stretches of board walk that made things much easier. It was incredably humid and despite hydrating, my body is tired. However, no knee ache, no foot problems, no muscle aches.  I even wrapped Tiger Bob’s foot with an ace bandage that he claims to have really helped his sore ankle.

Things are continuing to work out, all in God’s plan. Tiger Bob suggested we stop in Vernon to stay at an Episcopal Church hostel. What a great idea. I got to do my laundry, take a shower and eat chicken bbq all for a 10 dollar donation. To get here I stuck out my thumb and the 1st car by stopped and took the three of us into town. Now I will resupply early and get back on the trail tomorrow by 7. I hope we can all stick together, we will see.




  1. Love them New Jersey Beef cows out there among the Iron Weed! In August the weed will bloom purple. God Bless!


  2. Great pics! Keep the faith, dude. Philadelphia will win at least 7 games this season! Great talking to you on the phone yesterday. See you at the end of our journey and yours! God Bless, brother.


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