Getting back on the trail after 10 days in sunny NC was tough to say the least. However after my first night in my tent alone, I felt back and ready to tough it out in the wilds of NJ. Fortunately, I was stopped by some trail angels from the local hiking club who cooked ups some burgers and dogs. Trail Magic is alive and well in New Jersey.

To complete the magic, I called one of Aaron’s friends parents who lives near Delaware Water gap and they insisted I come there for dinner. We arranged for a meeting and their son drove an hour to pick me up and take me back to their house to stay the night. What special people, Aaron was blessed, and now so am I. Guess i’ll tough it out tomorrow…

Aaron was truly blessed to have friends in Colorado who were more like family. They worked, played, and lived together. One day while watching him work he turned to me and said, “See Dad, we are just like the military too” referring to the commitment and the camaraderie. You are better, I thought, you all want to be together, have been together for 7 years and are all dedicated and loving your jobs. You are better.

I am continually amazed at the beauty of NJ. I lived in south jersey and know that the Garden State is more than beaches and highway but did not know of the hills and forest. The pic with the tower is the highest point in the state. I decided not to take the side trail to there but met up with some other nice old Christian hikers and spent the night at a well built stone shelter. It made being away from family easier but I am ready to finish this hike and get back to familiar surroundings.

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