it’s been awhile since I last wrote and a lot has happened. I am  now in New Jersey after 1300 miles with only the sound of rushing water to keep me company. I am alone in my thoughts after being off the trail for 10 days in sunny NorthCarolina. After a week of shooting guns, boating and eating bbq with 20 of  my closest and loudest family it was time to return to the trail. I wanted to return and feared it both at the same time. I was gone so long I began to wonder if it would be the same. I expected my joints to scream out in pain despite my legs being well rested and they did not disappoint.
 I wanted so much for   my grandson to come back with me but i blew that opportunity.  today the trail was a gradual uphill terminated by a special lake. I pictured him toting a fishing pole up the trail and could see the look of wonderment when we reached water. But instead I cried aloud in my self inflicted lonliness knowing that I again had only me to blame for the missed opportunity to see a boy fish in the wilds of New Jersey. I stoppedalong the way pulled out my bible as was suggested by family and let God do the talking ie med20150625_10192520150705_13484520150705_15475920150705_15495920150705_16364720150705_16573220150705_17335520150705_173656itate. I read about Barnabas, which means encourage. beingat home I quickly realized that I really haven’t changed until I am tested. Again I  realized my short comings. Encourage. that’s it. drop the explanatios drop the excuses forget the provocatios, encourage.
 I was amazed by the views and the grandure. New Jersey? Yes, some of the very best views to date.  Take that  Virginia! I saw a number of day hikers but no familiar thru hikers so I texted some old friends and was saddened that Weatherman is off the trail.
 I slept an extra hour and now am on my way again. I love my new shoes and hope my feet and legs do better on this rocky trail. I still fill with tears but if I keep walking I will be fine. I love my family and  I will get back as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “TAKE THAT, VIRGINIA

  1. It was good to see you and give you a hug at church – even in a hurry! I think you are now seeing the trail is like all life: Highs and lows, gains and setbacks, joys and sorrows – but always a loving and forgiving God. Read this just this a.m. : ” Nearly all of God’s jewels are crystallized tears.” Love you child!


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