I got a late start after making my way to Cabellas and Dollar Tree for a resupply. Nevertheless I managed to overshoot my target and camped near a stream after 17.5 miles. The section hikers at the site were not very receptive to me staying there but I was undeterred and was uncharacteristically social with them until I was certain they liked me and I could sleep comfortably.
  The next morning the Phantom was up at the crack of dawn and out of there before the others knew it. Despite several rocky climbs I put in 24 more miles from 6 am to 7 pm. I managed to fall amongst some large rocks when I trusted a tree that was more of a sapling and slowly bent over taking me with it. I only broke my water bottles.  I ran into some old trail friends and met two new ones, Hot Sauce and Creynip, and some other dude who looks like Willy Nelson. We slept in a decrepit shelter that smelled like something died underneath the floor boards. At least the water supply is good.
 Today again I got another early start. Maybe I am a morning person after all. My day started with a climb like no other. 1000 feet in less than a mile, all over large bolders, with no trail to speak of, only white hash marks painted on the rocks to show the way. For the first time I thought I could get seriously injured. My adrenalin was pumping as I slowly made my way up the mountain with my pack on my back and my poles dangling uselessly.  I took a break after that epic climb, sat under a tree and did something I never did before. I stopped to read my new testiment. 
 I was motivated to make it to Detzis Restaurant where a meal awaited me compliments of some dear friends back in NC.  So I continued on. Across several roads I met an older lady who worried that she didnt have enough water. She only hikes about 5 miles and the next water was 6 miles. I gave her some of mine and told her she may be uncomfortable but she wouldn’t die. She told me of a hiker she knew that ended up in the hospital due to dehydration and thanked me for the water.
As I left her I knew we would both be fine but Iwas seriously parched when I got to Ditzi’s. One of the owners let me pitch my tent out back of the restaurant and invited me for coffee in the morning.
Tomorrow is another big day. I have to do another 20 but I am motivated to meet up with my high school soccer coach who hasn’t seen me in as many years. Really looking forward to it.



  1. Was that the pinnacle? If so than i was at that same Cabellas in the first week of May. It was interesting how we got there though. It was our “Shakedown” hike for the 60 mile one we did while meeting you. We started at a resturaunt and went North to Pulpit Rock. It took us 2 days. Then on the third day we hiked to port clinton to be picked up by friends and family. But on the way we were split into 2 groups because of different paces. Then the group i was in out front took a wrong turn and got lost. We ended up getting off the trail 1 mile away from Port Clinton by going through a boys and girls camp. Boy, the way they looked at us, it’s like we were aliens!
    As always good luck,
    PS. I wish you could have met my brother but he had a cut on his foot and left early before we met you. He is an awesome kid, the best brother ever, he just recently became an eagle scout. He is a great role model for me. He also reminds me of how i think you are, nice, adventurous, and someone you would always want to be friends with.


    1. Great update! The pinnacle was the pile of rocks., the pulpit was me on the edge of the rock. The rock with the cross was at the top of my epic climb. First time I was afraid I could get seriously hurt. So sorry to hear about your brother.


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