Hey Dad, Dad

After a good night rest at the shelter/cabin I got a 7o’clock start and made great time. I was motivated to get to Hamburg 25 miles away. The trail was fairly flat but had its share of rocks. Pennsylvania really needs to improve its trail maintenance. My knees felt great and I made great time. The last drop into town was steep. At the bottom I waited for Scott Jerrak the ultra marathon runner who is trying to set a new AT record. He is the one in white in the blurry picture. He has a full support team and goes 40 to 50 miles a d20150620_14505720150620_16203820150620_175143ay. No one noticed that I beat him to town all by myself.

I stayed in Port Clinton at the Hotel. Quaint and overpriced. Now it is Sunday, Father’s Day. I will be talking to my kids today. All of my kids. All day. I am going to Cabellas outdoors store. I was at the same one at Christmas time. I was standing at the edge of the second floor when I heard Aaron call to me. Hey Dad, Dad, I heard his 10 year old voice call out. I looked but of course he wasn’t there. A minute later his and his girlfriends song, Hey There Delilah played on the store radio. I was so filled with emotion I left the store. Today I am going back.


11 thoughts on “Hey Dad, Dad

  1. Sending loving thoughts and prayers that you can make this Father’s Day the best day of your life.
    (PS- You are not all by yourself out there 😘. )


  2. Right after I left the above comments, I got the following in an email:

    Never Alone!

    He can calm the troubled waters
    When you walk in dark despair.
    There is hope when you feel helpless
    Knowing that the Lord is there…

    Sharing in your sunshine moments
    Or in valleys deep and wide,
    He is always by your side.

    There’s no other friend so faithful
    Through the sunshine and rain,
    Through the teardrops and the laughter,
    In your joy and in your pain.

    We could never, ever thank Him
    For His love He gives so free,
    Never changing…never ending
    Throughout all eternity.

    Oh, the wonder of all wonders
    As we live from day to day,
    Knowing that we have a Father
    Who is with us all the way.
    Poet, Gertrude B. McClain

    How awesome to know your Heavenly Father is with you on Fathers Day and every day–now that’s a support team!


  3. ust back from missions camp not far from where you walked thru northern VA! Kept saying “Hi Andy” all week : ) – no phone service in valley!!! – but thoughts & prayers aplenty. God Bless j


      1. A friend of mine taped a presentation I did back in the Fall and recently edited it so I could post it on Youtube.com. After going to the website, just search for Andy Davidson thru hiking thru life and you should get the 3 parts. The total presentation lasts about an hour. Hopefully it will make you laugh and think. Since I last wrote, I have to say I really miss the trail and miss conversing with y’all even more. I’ve been working on another project which I hope to announce in the near future. Until then I have dreams of jumping in the truck with Lor and Belle (our Springer Spaniel) and back packing out West this summer. (Just don’t tell my employer).

        Take care, “Phantom”

        I can’t thank you enough for all the support. Feel free to spread the word and I apologize to some of you who may be getting this notice as a repeat.


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