I felt like a new man on the trail after a club sandwich, good night sleep at the Knights Inn, and in the morning, Waffles!   I hiked 20 miles at a great pace with minimal effort.  It was interesting to see the original Washington monument. What a real hero.

I was really excited to make arrangements with friends in Frederick MD. Fred picked me up at the trail head, took me over to surprise John, another Camp David friend, then took us out to dinner with his family and I got to stay  another night in a real bed. I could get used to this civilization thing, if it would only move a little slower. I wish I could have stayed longer. It is getting easier to talk about losing Aaron when you are surrounded by good people. Alone on the trail I found myself still crying out, Why? and getting no answer. Just quiet and a will to keep walking. Why? It still plagues me.

Out on the trail my positive spirit was washed out by a brief storm. Wet feet suck. just no way around it. The rain dissipated as quick as it started. Now I am in this awesome campsite by a very active stream. There are lots of sites but I am the only one here. After being in civilization the past two nights, Im a bit lonely, okay, I am very lonely. The really good news is that I am in PA. I feel like I am home. In 2 days I should be 1/2 way and in 4 days I should be in Perry County. I hear they got their 1st traffic light. Darn civilization!


4 thoughts on “(Shrek)

  1. What a blessing…you have received so many of God’s gifts! So many mini trails along the big trail. Proud of you brother…like that stream, keep moving on!


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