Hiking along today my legs were tired and my spirit was weak. I simply could not get off to a reasonable pace. I need to get off the trail and recharge my internal batteries I thought as I slugged along for my 2nd slow day. Along the way I managed to slip and slide into a creek. for a moment my poles trapped my hands and my pack held me horizontal as I struggled to my now wet feet. I put on dry socks in the morning but no more. I threw my pole, and dragged my weary body up the back hoping no one saw my flop. As I approached the 1000 mile mark I simply sat down called my trail son and quietly ate a spam and peanut butter sandwich. Do I have anything left in the tank for the next 1000?



6 thoughts on “RUNNING ON EMPTY

  1. Hi Andy. Congratulations on 1000 miles! So glad you were not injured in your fall. Praying for you that God will give you the strength and perseverance to do what is the right thing for you. Watch out for ‘dark horses’. Sorry we won’t be around when you come off the trail for some family time. Continuing to lift you up. Beverly


  2. I know you feel you are running on empty right now–disappointed to lose Tony and Rick,! But knowing you as I do, I know there’s still more tiger in your tank too. : )
    Up and down, like the trail, you’ll keep going till your journey’s complete! Proud of you!


  3. WOW 1000 miles! That means you only have 6500 miles to go! You are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next right? Along with Pikes Peak and the Oregon Trail? J/K. We set out on our drive about starting Monday all the way to Seattle , San Diego and back. 10 weeks on the road with Zeke! Take care and God Bless.


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