Tony and his 27 year  old  son Rick joined me at the hostel  Saturday  night. they were so excited  to show their  new gear and talk to the  other hikers  about  the trail .  This  is so cool, Rick said about  a million  times .  the next day after we packed  up and went to an outfitters  store in Luray to pick up my next section  of the AT guide that Lori  mailed  me. She included a class picture  of our grandson and so snacks. I  also got protective  bags for the  map and tablet. We had a terrific  breakfast  and great lunch and got on the trail around 345. My partners were thrilled to smell the woods and take pictures  of  the slightest  views. We stopped  periodically  and walked  a reasonable  pace. We even  stopped  by  another  hostel  for  some  lemonade. Tony told a story about how his oldest son Brian gave his Ninja Turtle backpack to a new friend who only had a paper bag to carry his things in kindergarten. After  we began  to climb  Rick took ill, the results  of  ridding his body of the chemo toxins. His port was removed a short  time  ago and I  found  out  that  he is continuing  to  get nauseous  from  time  to  time. I  went ahead, dropped my pack and  ran back for his pack. Then  I  walked  past my pack, dropped  his and returned  for mine. I  did this  several  times, leap frogging along  the  trail  until  we hit camp after dark. Rick set up  his tent and crawled in, continuing to get sick. Tony and I  stayed  up  to talk  about the next day. Hopefully  Rick will be  feeling  better  and they will  be  able  to  hike  on.



One thought on “HEROES IN A HALF SHELL

  1. So glad you got to meet Rick (& see Tony) even for a short time–there will be more time for hiking together for you three maybe next summer. Prayers for Rick and Tony and their journeys!


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