Rick was feeling better today, his stomach was muchch settled and his will was strong. We decided to hike to the next shelter where we met Sunscreen who had Melanoma in the recent past. After increasing pain and extreme discomfort we sat down to discuss the options and decided it was best to get off the trail to prevent a possible medical emergency. So reluctantly we hiked 3 miles to a road where Tony called for a ride back to the hostel and his car. I cried as I tried to explain I felt like Aaron was behind me talking excitedly about the trees, the rocks and the views. It was so special listening son and dad on the trail together. Several times in the past two days I found my voice quivering and my eyes tearing as I talked to Rick. Thankfully his dad’s antics kept us all light. So we said goodbye and I cried my way up the hill.
As I walked, the sky grew dark once again soaking my gear and feet. To save time I sat on a wet log and cooked a soggy dinner before sluggishly making my way to a shelter at dark.


2 thoughts on “ADOPTED TRAIL SON

  1. Ahhhh, feeling your pain. Thankful you could be with them and so sorry it didn’t last longer (this time). Maybe you (& I–with some training) can join Rick next year for a few days when he’s hiking through!


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