Today was our last full day in the Shanandoahs so we had to complete the food trail by eating at the 3rd and final wayside. Weatherman and I completed 8 miles before breakfast and ended up with a total of 23, reaching the hostel in record time . it’s really some guys basement with a row of bunk beds and frozen pizzas. the shower felt good, sitting on a couch feels lumpy, but waiting for friends to join me is exciting. Tony and his son Rick are expected later to hike for the next week. too much fun.


6 thoughts on “TRIFECTA

  1. TripleCrown– you and AmericanPharoah! 3-time winners today.
    I waited two hours to watch the race, and just at starting time a storm hit, and the tv went out! But we have a triple crown winner and a 3-day restaurant winner! Everyone’s happy! Xoxoxoxo


  2. Andy,

    Hey brother glad to see you are pushing through on the trail and racking up the miles. The feet are definitely a bummer and hopefully you can keep your doggies dry…. change socks often and air them out on your pack as you move, a short bungy cord helps with this moving drying rack.

    Glad to see you jumped in the James River and the answer of when is to old is of course never.

    Miss you heaps brother, and look forward to talking with you in the future!

    You can always take one more step!

    Semper Fidelis,


      1. hey Andy…I’ve been catching up with you on the trail and glad to see you are still “on the go”…looking good and sounding good as well. That is a fine looking Osprey backpack in the pic…is that yours and if so did you get that locally( Emerald Isle area)? I have appreciated so appreciated your comments and insights along the way….thanks for sharing. Take it all the way home brother…you can do it!! Sounder


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