Today  I  was  fortunate  to  get  a ride out of town  with  other hikers  and a trail  angel. w was a very  hiker friendly  town with a list of trail angels  ready to help out hikers. once on the  trail  I was  etc with the typical Climb with wet weeds soaking  my shoes and shorts. shortly  I into  my hike  I  was met by Weatherman  who was part of my original  hiking group .  I last saw him in Hot Springs  so I  was surprised  and pleased to  hike  with  him. he had shin splints and took several  days  off the trail. We hiked  on through  the fog and drizzle  for 24 miles. the terrain  was good ,  the temperature  was moderate, and I  was excited  to  have a familiar  face to hike with. we got to a shelter  where we met Coyote, an ultra marathoner  who are  biked from Alaska  to  Argentina.
 he has been averaging 25 miles  a day and had lots of good stories.
The  next day  I  got up early  and was on the  trail  by 615. Weatherman  joined   me for  a  late breakfast  at a Wayside  resturant  along Skyline  Drive. Again  the weather  was wet and got colder as the day progressed. Because  of  the  3 large  pancakes  I  didn’t  need to stop for lunch. Another  22 miles and another  shelter  for tonight. I  really  hope  I  see the sun  tomorrow, my feet  are  always  wet and are getting  raw but I  am  well rested and positive 

I  passed  the  900  mile  mark !
I passed the 900 mile mark !


5 thoughts on “BEAR BEAR !

  1. The pancakes Do look good–not typically a fan. But these…….
    Where’s the bear? Where did you see one? Congrats on passing 900 miles.!!!


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