After  starting  out at 630 in wet socks and shoes, the wet weather  began to take  its toll. My feet  stung along  the top of my toes when Weatherman  and I  started  out. Oatmeal  and a cup of hot  chocolate  got me started  but can only  take me so far. Around  1109 a camp ground  host let us know  about  the camp  store so we went in to  warm up. While at the store we met a professional  hiker who was attempting  a time record  on a trail. after warming  up we found  out  we could rent a small cabin with  a wood stove so we jumped  at the chance to dry out. Weatherman  kept  the  fire going  while  I  used Neosporin  2nd skin and duct tape  to sure up my feet. I  never had feet problems until  my new shoes  and now I  have  several  sores on both feet. sleeping  in  a warm wood stove filled environment  was relaxing.


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