another  day  another  climb. Several  people  commented how tough the climbing  has been  but for me,  it’s not  Georgia. I  feel stronger, today is Sunday  so I  felt  positive, and overall  I’m  confident  knowing  I  can do this. my back has been  hurting, my feet  are tender, yes my knees  still  ache in the morning  but I  count it gain. last night  I  got to share my story with Mr Clean and Cruise  Control. Today  I  said  goodbye  to them as they head back to their world. they ask me what  I  am going  to  do after  I  am done hiking. I  honestly  don’t  know, everyday  I  come up with  more things  I  want  to  do in this world . being  surrounded  by  God’s  grandeur  conjures  endless  possibilities .


4 thoughts on “GEORGIA ON MY MIND

  1. Hi Phantom. I remembered your blog, so clearly you aren’t Forgettable. I just want to let you know that it was great getting to know you a for a bit last week. I enjoyed our conversation on the Tye River, and I’ll always remember you and your story. I hope the hike is going well, and I am SO jealous of your freedom right now as I sit in my office at work. I hope you embrace every day between here and your destination – the good ones AND the bad. Having days where you’re resentful or angry or pissed off at the world are an important part of the process. They don’t mean you’re unempathetic…they mean you’re healing. Embrace them and they lose their hold over you. Besides, if it never rained, we wouldn’t have any appreciation for a beautiful, sunny day.

    Safe travels, friend. I know you’re in the Shenandoahs now, hopefully fattening up on burgers and milkshakes at the waysides. Take care, I look forward to following your journey! – Mr. Clean


  2. It was good to meet and chat with ya, Phantom. I wish you health and good fortune both on your hike and in life. May you find that which you seek! I’ll be checking in on the blog from time to time, need those little snippets of trail and nature to get me thru city life…


    1. Justin, if I didn’t say this already, I just think its awesome that you and Brian are hiking together after all these years. Thanks for including me in your circle if only for a short time.


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