20150601_09444920150601_155541Its amazing how early I can get started when I know I’m headed into town for a resupply. Its been 8, count em, 8 days since my last shower, if you don’t include my dunk into the James River. So yea, I’m due. I left at 0600 and made it 12 miles by 1130. Found trail magic in a box, ie orange soda and a breakfast bun. Did you know twinkies come in chocolate? I love this country! A trail angel named Southerner gave 4 of us rides to the outfitters where I bought a smaller, lighter stove and a new bag to filter water. I need an AT guide book cause mine did not hold up in the rain the other day. Last night it rained while I was in my tent at the top of the summit before Waynesboro. I’d like to say rain and wind don’t worry me, but I wont. Today is shaping up pretty good. A free shower at the Y, which means laundry too, and a free place to camp or I can stay at the Lutheran church for fee. Oh, and I’m at the library charging my phone and using this keyboard. Did I say I love this country? Across from me is seated Miami Vice, the thruhiker from Spain who was a vice cop in Miami. Go figure. What you can’t figure is how nice the guy is. He has battled addiction and is using the trail to work out some things. Remember the buddist in Gatlinburg? Right! That’s him. I was just thinking I would really like another hiker to talk, maybe walk with.



  1. It was nice to meet you out on the trail and share a ride with you to the outfitters with Southerner. I look forward to following you on your blog, hike safe! 🙂


      1. A friend of mine taped a presentation I did back in the Fall and recently edited it so I could post it on After going to the website, just search for Andy Davidson thru hiking thru life and you should get the 3 parts. The total presentation lasts about an hour. Hopefully it will make you laugh and think. Since I last wrote, I have to say I really miss the trail and miss conversing with y’all even more. I’ve been working on another project which I hope to announce in the near future. Until then I have dreams of jumping in the truck with Lor and Belle (our Springer Spaniel) and back packing out West this summer. (Just don’t tell my employer).

        Take care, “Phantom”

        I can’t thank you enough for all the support. Feel free to spread the word and I apologize to some of you who may be getting this notice as a repeat.


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