another  day  another  climb. Several  people  commented how tough the climbing  has been  but for me,  it’s not  Georgia. I  feel stronger, today is Sunday  so I  felt  positive, and overall  I’m  confident  knowing  I  can do this. my back has been  hurting, my feet  are tender, yes my knees  still  ache in the morning  but I  count it gain. last night  I  got to share my story with Mr Clean and Cruise  Control. Today  I  said  goodbye  to them as they head back to their world. they ask me what  I  am going  to  do after  I  am done hiking. I  honestly  don’t  know, everyday  I  come up with  more things  I  want  to  do in this world . being  surrounded  by  God’s  grandeur  conjures  endless  possibilities .
<img src="" alt="20150530_074608" width="300" height="169" class="alignnone20150530_15413520150530_17564520150530_175647 size-medium wp-image-602″ />20150530_103834


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