I didn’t get too  far  after  the  trail  magic  and   stopped    at  the  first  shelter  as it threatened  to  rain. this allowed  me  get an early  start 630 in the morning  in route for a  20+ mile day that was prefaced  and punctuated  with  step climb. I  felt  really  healthy  for  the  first  time  in  a  week. again  the trail  was marked  with  the  Vistas that  are  almost becoming  common  place .  I  was undecided  as to hike 1/2 mile  off the  trail  to a shelter  and water when it started  to  rain ,  I  mean  RAIN. like  it  never  rained before .  I  was never so grateful  to  have  a  metal  roof over  my  head. it was  so loud I  couldn’t  hear myself  think. 20150529_07304920150529_09452720150529_13025720150529_13061220150529_14110620150529_15044320150529_153515



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