Today I  uncharacteristically  said goodbye  to  everyone  before heading  off to resupply .  Waiting  and her Spec Forces boyfriend  Phil offered to help  get a ride  to town with me. In route  we crossed the longest  suspension  bridge on the trail  where hikers are challenged to  jump  down into three James river. No way I  thought  but “coincidences” were just beginning  starting  with  walking  across  a challenge  with  a SF dude and his girl. I don’t  know how  old is too
old to plunge 30 feet but today  I  was old enough.

After  we got out Onesimus  walked up to us in the middle of the  bridge  and offered us  a ride  to  town in his camper. He is a two time thru hiker who was also a spec ops army. Coincidences? Today  is a good  day. We came to town, I completed the trifecta, I got an Italian  sub, ice cream and recharged my phone. Back to the trail  for more coincidences. when  life is simplified the coincidences become  clear.


7 thoughts on “WET AND WILD VIRGINIA

  1. congratulations! you are thoroughly initiated into trail life now! so glad to see you back on trail….. go easy. praying you on. j


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