I woke up to a churning gut ànd a fierce  desire  to make haste to the porcelain where I  was reintroduced  to my dinner one more time. My first  thought  was the  designer  pizza with pretzel  crust  covered  with  balsamic  leaves. What  ever  happened  to  cheese and pepperoni? I  am really  fortunate to be in town where  a doctor, Gatorade, and  a bathroom  are all close at hand. Turns out  I  most likely  do not have an illness from  water but likely  a stomach  virus, possibly  from my diet of salami and cheese  sandwiches. After a Wendy’s  chicken  sandwich  and coke, I  thought I  would  get  back  on  the  trail  the next day . Tonight  will  be  the  3rd night 
at a tired  motel in Daleville  VA, and  I  don’t  know  when it  will  end. I  never  wanted  to  do one 0 let alone  three  0’s. I    know  I’ve  been  putting  it  too many  miles, stressing  this  old body, living  in  the  wild, lacking  hygiene, and  thinking  I  could  rise above  the  obvious .  I need  prayer. I need  to  listen  to  God. I need  to  wait  on him. I don’t  even  like waiting  at Wendy’s .


11 thoughts on “CUT THE CHEESE

  1. You ”re amazing. Like you said God will heal you body and soul. If it wasn’t such a challenge, everybody would do it and you ain’t everybody. You are teaching all of us so much. Very proud of you little Andy.


  2. We think about you often, and send prayers of patience and awakening to you…You’re desires are “ordinary” as we all share the need for clarity, meaning and understanding, but your means are “extraordinary”! I pray too for your safety and well being. All the positive energy and love we have for you is being sent… I hope it’s making it’s way to you and you can feel it. (And to Lori, Robbie, Ali and Jayden) Thank you so much for sharing your journey.


  3. Child, sounds like you have a virus – some take awhile to ‘run thru’ – and yes, your hygiene
    may have a dab to do with it. Crackers & (bottled) water : ) – no spicy stuff for a day – and we continue to pray for your well being & safety. love you, j


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