20150517_14253720150517_10331320150517_14275120150517_145707It was rather late when Tom the newly appointed trail angel drove us to Pearisburg so we got a room at the local motel and crashed for the night. After  breakfast  and  a last  minute Walmart  spree, I  was back  on the  trail. I got  turned around  on the trail after looking  at a  cemetery  and back tracked to the trail head  where a plastic  bag  was  hanging  in a tree. I hadn’t  looked  in it  the first time I  went by but now I  did and found  some blister pads. I  wanted  to  buy  some  at Walmart  earlier  in case  my new shoes  gave me problems and  here they  were  hanging  in a tree . As it turned  out  the only problem  I  had was when I  slipped  and fell on a moss covered rock trying  to  get  water at the  end  of  a 20 mile day. I fell on on of my poles and broke it. Again  I  didn’t  want  to  go that far because  of my late start  but water is already  becoming  more scarce.
  The new shoes and pack I  got at trail days  are working  just fine. The shoes don’t  have gortex so my feet  get wet quicker .  The shoe rep said that he prefers ventilated shoes in the east be a of the humidity  and  gortex works  best out west. Makes sense ,  especially  if  you  are  trying  to  sell ventilated  shoes at trail  days . My new pack  is awesome. No longer  do my  shoulders ache. Despite  having  a  5 day  supply  of  food  and full  water bottles, my pack floats  on  my  back .  Getting a trail  days   20% off special makes  it  even  lighter.
  I ended  the  day late but  I  had just enough  light  to set up  my tent in the woods, make dinner  and climb in. It was too dark to hang a bear bag so I’m  hoping  for  a  quiet  night and  another  good  day  tomorrow . I  still smile  at the white  blazes and every time  I  think  about  how I got to trail  days .


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