700 CLUB


700  down, 1/3 completed
700 down, 1/3 completed
I was motivated  to  stay on track  as I  need to resupply  tomorrow  so I  got a 630 start. Night  time  was really  windy but my tent was in a good spot. I  thought  for  sure  the wind  would  bring  rain but  instead  it was a dry night .  I  was really  tired all day most likely  from  little  water and big miles .  Seeing  the rock  formations  at Dragon’s tooth was awesome. I marveled  how root and rock are intricately  woven by Intelligent  design .  The  simple  leaf so complex to think  happenstance  is folly. God’s  handiwork  is all around  us and we make a mockery  of it with names like  Dragon’s Tooth .  Today  the  rocks  were so big the trail  had ladder  rungs  drilled  into them. Oh yea, another  mile stone of my, own, I  crossed  the  700 miles, almost  1/3 of the  trail  under my belt yet every  day  remains  a  challenge  to both body and spirit. I  try to stay motivated  by thinking  about  others dear who are suffering  from  serious illness .  If they can endure the rigors  of chemo at the prospect of death then surely  I  can endure a little fatigue  and pain surrounded  by God’s  handiwork in bloom .



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